Jordan Corey

Jordan Corey has been a student and practitioner of Tarot for 8 years. What began as a tool to elevate her self exploration and personal practice soon evolved into a medium to deeply help others as they move along their journey. Tarot has the ability to connect us with our highest selves, our Universal truths and reveal where the work needs to be done. Tarot can shift us into alignment when we are seemingly lost, shine a light on habits that are no longer serving us and validate our actions as we move through the world.  Jordan’s  focus as a reader lies in personal power – what do you have the power to change now? Where are you in control? How is your current perspective shaping your future? How can we alter or embrace these truths to co-create with the Universe in a way that serves our highest selves?

In addition to her Tarot work, Jordan has been working with Moon cycles ritualistically since 2018 to delve into the deeper rhythms of the natural world. She holds both in person and virtual Circles during the New and Full Moon times. Within this container, we work with the Tarot to help facilitate more self awareness and conscious creation through the lenses of the Lunar cycles.


  • Tarot / Oracle Readings

Oracle Description

Tarot can be an incredible tool for integration, recentering and grounding. Together, we will locate core themes of your current lived experience, identify blockages and reveal opportunities for you to shift into alignment. As a Tarot practitioner, my job is to gift you deep connection to the self in order to experience greater freedom in your life. Can’t wait to connect with you!

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