Jeanie Eugenia

Jeanie Eugenia, (AKA Jean Stultz, Ph.D., LMFT), is a somatic psychotherapist who uses her experience as a dancer, massage therapist, and joy advocate to explore what our bodies are saying to us and how we are communicating to each other. In her work she integrates concepts of clinical psychology with cutting edge research on neurobiology, energy medicine, attachment, pre and perinatal psychology, and body-oriented healing modalities. She is the originator of Somatic Divination, where participants learn to use their own sensory tools to co-create meaningful narratives from three-dimensional, archetypical symbols. She leads the quarterly Embodied Community Movement groups, which are a form of somatic education and experiential exercises that support insight into the functional uses of being embodied in everyday living.


  • Somatic Divination
  • Tarot / Oracle Readings

Oracle Description

I am a reader of symbols, bodies, and patterns and my tools are archetypal. I read from a selection of ancient and 20th century figurines that elicit information from your psyche and access the energetic fields of communication and connectedness. I explore with you as I witness and reflect information from the expressions on your face, your postures, and gestures, the timbre of your voice and the tempos of your breath. Then I support you in finding your own answers in my reflections of you. Often I will have a sensation in my own body, or an image, a question or curiosity that guides the reading. I draw from my own knowledge of allegories, psychology, neurobiology, embryology, and energy medicine. Like seeds from our ancestral tree, I collaborate with you to find your own kernels of wisdom that you are ready to cultivate.

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