Freddie is an intuitive tarot card reader who first discovered and developed his abilities while serving in the United States Air Force. As his awareness grew, he sought guidance and mentorship by several community members at Capstone House located in Panama City, Florida. Freddie eventually became a member of Capstone House and was certified as a Level One reiki practitioner before spending several years as a Pranic Healer to achieve the Arhotic Yoga level of practice.  All of this training has led Freddie to be a strong clairvoyant and intuitive tarot card reader with surprisingly accurate readings and assessments. He likes to “go with the flow” of the cards to determine how to best help his clients and their situations.


  • Clairvoyant
  • Tarot / Oracle Readings

Oracle Description

I have been a tarot card reader for over 10 years and I have practiced healing modalities such as pranic healing and reiki. I also have mediumship that is still developing and will be used on occasion depending on the client. My purpose for this year’s festival is help offer guidance and clarification on life situations that potential clients may have.

Festival Locations: