Sonic Devas

Sonic Devas is part transformational music concert and part sound meditation experience. We lead you through a dynamic journey of soundscapes, mantra and medicine songs, nature environments, original compositions and songs designed to bring you into a state of bliss and transcendence. We invite you to share this moment with us in pure presence.  Sonic Devas is comprised of professional women musicians, sound healers and wellness leaders working together to present powerful musical meditations on a grand scale. Featuring a variety of instrumentation, vocal toning choir, and live visual projection, we create an all encompassing meditative journey for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy. Our compositions include an angel chorus of vocal harmonies, tibetan and crystal bowls, flutes, harp, chimes, monochord, gongs, didgeridoo, hang and tongue drums, frame drums, modular soundscapes and more.We also encourage participation with group toning and singing to raise the vibration of our conscious collective and as an expression of love for our world.


Festival Locations: