At the age of 15, Mija stumbled upon her first rave, setting in motion a journey that would transform her into a household name in the world of electronic music.

Her ascent through the Phoenix DJ circuit was a whirlwind, and in just two short years, destiny called her to the grand stage of the Bonnaroo music festival. It was there that fate intervened, leading to an electrifying back-to-back set with Skrillex, propelling Mija into the global spotlight. Her ecclectic taste and knowledge of dance music quickly garnered worldwide acclaim.

For the next decade, Mija was a relentless globetrotter, performing up to 150 international shows annually. Alongside her sensational live performances, she consistently churned out EPs and singles that captivated audiences, culminating in her EP “How to Measure the Distance Between Lovers,” lauded with a solid 7.0 rating on Pitchfork.

In 2020, Mija unleashed her highly anticipated debut album, “Desert Trash,” showcasing her eclectic artistry as she embraced a full live band experience.

Back in the DJ booth, Mija is known for her dance floor anthems, a harmonious blend of house, techno, and drum and bass, and old school rave music set the scene ablaze. She remains fiercely independent, releasing her music under the guise of the enigmatic record label, “Never B Alone”

2024 Mija promises even more electrifying dance music, unexpected collaborations, and continued superstardom.


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