Liza Spinnelli

Liza came up in the Chicago party scene of the late 90’s and that influence is solidly reflected in her music. She describes her sound as microhouse with a dash of diva, booty-shakin’ basslines and a hefty dose of weird. Anthems will get unabashedly thrown in because they shouldn’t live only in the collective memory of Gen X party kids. Vinyl is a way of life and only this year has she succumbed to learning how to play digital.

She started buying records in the late 90’s and she started with drum and bass. Quite likely the musical rebellion of a Midwesterner who grew up with Bad Boy Bill on the radio. In the early 2000’s she moved into electro and techno and, by 2010, had slipped into what we now know as microhouse and minimal techno. The Chicago flavor is unmistakable but she chases some of those peculiar noises that are very reminiscent of DnB and electro.

Liza is a resident at Stay Tuned in Denver and curates intimate vinyl house parties under the HitB moniker.

Festival Locations: