Koan Sound

Armed with diligence, musical prowess, and a progressive vision, KOAN Sound epitomizes the future of electronic music. Jim Bastow and Will Weeks, fuelled by a love for groove and precision, developed a forward-thinking musical identity early on, leading to a collaborative effort during their formative years. As representatives of Bristol’s celebrated lineage of innovative musicians, they made a notable entrance to the scene in 2008, quickly catching the attention of underground enthusiasts. With a decade of experience and a comprehensive discography, their influence in electronic music remains significant.

Their discography showcases a range from opulent productions to dynamic dancefloor hits, reflecting their innovation and industry impact. Noteworthy releases include the heavy, detailed Funk Blaster EP and the ambient, cinematic Sanctuary EP, both under Skrillex’s OWSLA. After a three-year hiatus, their return in 2018 with the debut album Polychrome rekindled excitement among fans and critics, highlighting their legacy of innovation. This project, managed entirely independently, demonstrated their comprehensive approach to music production.

Transitioning from supporting roles on tours with major artists to headlining their own shows, KOAN Sound has expanded their reach, offering immersive live performances that blend audio and visuals. Their tours across the UK and North America have solidified their status in the live music scene. Looking forward, they approach the new decade with a busy release schedule and the promise of surprises for their fans, ensuring their continued impact on the electronic music landscape.

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