Janis Droplin

Hard-hitting darling of the decks, Janis Droplin’s obsession-worthy dj sets with a touch of psychedelic flair have made her a hot commodity for events & venues all over Southern California, following a consistent slew of addictive mixes released on SoundCloud since her relocation to LA from the Bay Area in 2020. With deep roots in her own Latin American culture, she pulls sounds from all over the globe, blending them fluidly with more well-known house, techno, & carefully selected vocals to create an unexpectedly delicious melting pot of dance floor rhythms. Each Janis Droplin set is a refreshing journey of multicultural experience & familiar feels, with the depth & stamina to be played all night long, featuring her signature blend of kaleidoscopic dreams & bad chick vibes. An unapologetic style maven, Janis Droplin’s colourful personality comes to light in her music; cheeky, unexpected, and of-the-moment.

Festival Locations: