Elysian Moon

Introducing Elysian Moon, where dreamy electronic and hypnotic house converge with classical elegance, curated by the dynamic cello and violin duo, Tropo & Jiia.

The performances are a heartfelt prayer, invoking energetic, fun-loving vibes that awaken the magic of eternal sunsets and sunrises. From trancy melodic techno to organic house, our repertoire transcends boundaries, inviting listeners on a moving journey from light-hearted to deep, soul-stirring melodies.

Drawing from California’s coastal energy, oriental heritage, and European cultural influences, Elysian Moon seamlessly blends live instrumentation – cello, violin, piano, synths, and percussion – into each set, creating an extraordinary fusion of classical and electronic music. Whether prestigious venues, electrifying festivals, or classy resorts, the music speaks a universal language of love and inspiration evoking listeners’ own creative expression.

Elysian Moon’s audience, upbeat and classy, seeks not just entertainment, but an intricate experience that ignites their spirits and moves their souls. Elysian Moon invites you to dance, dream, and be inspired by the boundless possibilities of expression

Festival Locations: