Remember the Cali raves of the early 2000s? A kaleidoscope of drum & bass, breakbeats, and the moon’s dreamy glow. That’s where Cumulus, DJ and sonic poet, found his groove. Now, two decades later, his musical wanderlust burns brighter than ever, weaving tapestries of sound that transcend genres like moonlight paints the desert.

Think of his sets as sonic journeys, where drum & bass, jungle, house, techno, even downtempo, become threads in a vibrant, ever-shifting tapestry. He’s got the technical skills from his audio engineering days, but his true fuel is a love for music that burns like a thousand campfires under starlit skies. Imagine diving into a vat of half-time drum & bass, only to emerge blinking in the funky glow of a tech-house disco. Then, let the tempo slow, the basslines deepen, and you’re drifting through hypnotic downtempo landscapes. No genre is safe, each seamlessly woven into his sonic tapestry.

Catch him conjuring his spells at Santa Barbara and Ventura’s warehouse parties, where the walls vibrate with his pulsating rhythm. Or lose yourself at the legendary Medium beach parties, where the waves dance under the moon’s watchful gaze. Even the most jaded festival veterans find themselves swaying like moonlit spirits under his spell.

So, if you’re ready for a musical adventure where logic takes a vacation and your ears embark on a genre-bending odyssey, follow the trail of glitter and bass that leads to Cumulus. He’s not here to impress, just to share his sonic playground and leave you with earworms that are anything but ordinary. Don’t worry, they’re the good kind, the kind that linger long after the last beat fades, like whispered poems echoing in your mind.

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