Cumulus began his journey djing the renowned Word of Mouth mountain parties in Santa Barbara in the early 2000s. A man of many tastes, his heart and soul has always been drum and bass and jungle music – inspired by the late 90s sounds of Moving Shadow, Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, Subtitles Recordings, & Renegade Hardware. From Santa Barbara to the San Francisco and back, he graced the decks at festivals such as Symbiosis, Raindance, Lucidity, Priceless, Lightning in a Bottle, Nexus Camp, & Sanctuary. He is a prominent resident of the Underground Souls in the 805 – genre dipping into Tech House, Techno, & Breaks as well as many appearances at EOS Lounge SB and Santa Barbara Summer Solstice. His vision as a performer is to take you on a ride with the heart of a dancer and the deftness of a storyteller. Ubiquitous throughout his sound is bass and beauty, as if darkness and funk had a child named soul.