An-Ten-Nae is a pivotal figure in the West Coast electronic music scene, known for his significant contributions as Music Director at San Francisco’s 1015 Folsom and Creative Director at Portland’s The North Warehouse. He’s renowned for pioneering the Acid Crunk Compilations, introducing a blend of artists like Griz, Opiuo, and The Glitch Mob, which helped shape the West Coast bass scene.

His commitment to evolution, community, and musical innovation is evident through his unique performances, which feature live remixing and a high-energy presence. An-Ten-Nae’s discography includes over 100 releases, with tracks frequently hitting the iTunes Electronica Top 10 and garnering attention from major publications and 70 million combined streams and downloads. His music has been featured on stages worldwide, including EDC, Electric Forest, Shambhala, and Lightning in a Bottle, as well as in international venues.

In addition to his solo work, An-Ten-Nae is part of Dimond Saints, further showcasing his versatility and deep connection with his audience. With the launch of his Medicine Label, he continues to curate releases from various artists, underscoring his influence in the music industry.

2023 marks a year of increased creative output for An-Ten-Nae, with new collaborations, releases, and his latest album “The Space Beneath the Light,” alongside a new album from Dimond Saints. His journey reflects a relentless pursuit of musical exploration and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

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