The Lique

Formed in 2015, Las Vegas-based Hip Hop Jazz band The Lique mixes rap, jazz, soul, funk and rock into a vibrant musical concoction that is determined to not only move bodies but also probe minds. The five members of The Lique–MC Rasar, guitarist Sean Carbone, keyboardist Jason Corpuz, drummer Jeremy Klewicki and bassist Nick Schmitt–met and formed in Las Vegas after Sacramento native Rasar moved there to to work as a cast member of the show “Vegas Nocturne.”

“While we are a jazz family first and foremost, we love hip-hop and we love classical and all these other things. But there is also a contemporary sound in what we’re doing,” Rasar said. “So I think with this new album, you’ll see a lot of the lessons that we learned traveling so much and realizing that we can continue to expand, because improvisation and adaptability is so crucial to who we are.”


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