Sound of Awakening

Sound of Awakening is a unique collaboration of musical artistry with the intention of sacred sound. Featuring three international artists, Kadija’Maa, Philipp Schardt, and Shane Thunder, they bring you an experience unlike any in this world when they take the stage. Blending and blurring the lines of musical performance with the sacred intention of healing through sound frequencies, their co-creation of gemstone bowls, elemental and planetary gongs, light language vocals, electronic synthesizers, and acoustic instruments. Focusing on the meditation of releasing what no longer serves, to help uplift the heart and empower the spirit, these 3 soulful beings craft a blissful and uplifting journey thru the cosmos that is one of a kind!

With performances all over the world, from countries in Europe, to as far as Australia, and with over 10 years of collective experience, performance artistry, and platinum award winning music, the 3 of these individuals have come together for a beautiful connection that they desire to share with the world, soul by soul, heart by heart!

We can’t wait to share the exciting musical experience to awaken to your highest vibrational alignment!

Festival Locations:

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