One-Eyed Jack

For over two decades, One-Eyed Jack has been entertaining audiences throughout the US as New Jersey’s top jam band.

Formed by guitarist Gary Gallagher as a psychedelic garage band while still in his teens. With the arrival of guitarist/lyricist Joe Boris, came brilliant songwriting described as, “Dylanesque” by Relix magazine. After bassist/lyricist Adam Riley joined, the song repertoire doubled including the music’s power. Vocalist/lyricist Rosie Lazroe brought a presence of both fire and lightning with her dynamic voice and songwriting. Then came the driving rhythm section of Vincent Smith, known for drumming that goes beyond the technical, into deeper transcendent spaces. The wild wizardry of Tim McCullion on keyboards rounded out the sound by sending the music and listener on a colorful voyage.
Through various lineup and style changes, the original sound has remained – powerful psychedelic rock & roll featuring dual guitars mixed with heartfelt lyrics that touch on both the spiritual and the surreal.

One-Eyed Jack has released four original, well-received albums.  A fifth release is in the works.
As successful as their recording career has been, One-Eyed Jack are equally known for their thrilling, live performances. With a pulsating light show set to cosmic jams, their psychedelic blend of rock & roll transforms the audience to higher levels of grooviness and consciousness, creating an atmosphere to dance and “freak freely.”


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