Ocean Roulette

Ocean Roulette is a producer/DJ based out of Northridge, CA. His music takes influence from the psychedelic realms of indie-rock bands such as Animal Collective and MGMT. These styles translate into his unique blend of melodic and minimal tech-house that can be both hypnotic and heavy at the same time.

In recent years he has had music released by heavy-weight house labels such as Psycho Disco, Perfect Driver, Holy Molé, Arkade, and OKNF Collective. These releases have led to major bookings at festivals such as Life Is Beautiful, Coachella, and EDC Las Vegas. He continues to grow a following through outlets such as his ‘Jackson Tree’ desert renegade parties, as well as by performing alongside his mentor Treasure Fingers at various Psycho Disco label parties. Ocean Roulette has plenty more music and events to share with the world in the future, you will definitely want to keep your eye out on him!


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