Mah-Ze-Tar is the fusion project that Maz Karandish has been working on since 2015. His ultimate vision is to fuse traditional music of the east with modern electronic composition as a form of cultural preservation. Maz feels deeply connected to ancient Eastern musical traditions and often recognizes that many people of his generation have a difficult time fully relating to and engaging with traditional music of the East. This first project, Liquid Lotus, soars through a plethora of musical traditions in a meaningful way. The Sitar, Oud, Dilruba, Bansuri, and Saz meet beats, synths, and vocal textures inspired by Indian, Persian, Flamenco and other world tradition to give life to something completely unique and unheard of before. This project is an illumination of the possible ways in which such fusion can come into form in a way that creates deeper connection with non-traditional listeners while preserving the core tenants of the tradition. Eastern musical traditions seek not only to entertain the audience but also aim to take the listener and the performer on a journey of awareness. this journey, marked by contemplation, integration, and emotional exploration is what Maz seeks to create in the mind and heart of the listener. The audience members can also expect to gain significant information regarding the evolution of these ancient instruments and musical traditions.


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