Love Brynnevere

Brynnevere is a full-spectrum ray of “Soulshine” on a mission to inspire humanity. Hailing from Pensacola, Florida, Brynnevere has long-awaited her slot in Lucidity’s lineup since the 2020 Facebook Music Contest where Her live music entry, “Secrets In Leaves” earned her a spot on the Lucid stage. With a voice described as “Soulful, powerful, and healing,”  Listeners have described their experiences as “this is exactly what the world needs to hear,” and, “her music hugged me.”

Her instrument is her voice and her power is her message. Equipped with her loop station, she poetically blends her captivating vocals with transformative tales of her time in the Amazon Jungle, overcoming depression and bouncing back into bliss. Each song takes you on a heart-healing journey gracefully woven through layers of harmony, soothing mantras and delightful storytelling. Her engaging sincerity will enchant you with deep connection as you laugh and cry in relatable tears of release over our shared human experience.

Brynnevere released her single “Soulfire” in 2021 and is currently producing her solo album “Heartsongs for Humanity.” She has performed at festivals including Zen Awakenings, Mahabhuta Yoga Festival, Zen Fest West, and will perform at Bhakti Yoga Festival, Zen Awakenings, and open for Rising Appalachia in a hometown Concert Series later this year.

Beyond music, Brynnevere serves her hometown of Pensacola as a community builder, meditation guide, vocal empowerment coach, environmental activist, mental health advocate, motivational speaker, certified Yoga Teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist.


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