Kobrin creates bass odysseys with an atmosphere that is deep, mysterious, serpentine, and occult, hearing everything as if through the smoke stained windows of a Naga Temple, ashen Shaivites obscured by thick plumes of ritual incense, their aetheric eyes awake to see the dragons swirling through the smoke above them.

“I am inspired by the music that pumps fire through my veins and smoke through my ears. With this music pulsing through the soundsystem I close my eyes and cup my dark cloak over my face as every inch of my body is subsumed by plumes of dense incense smoke. The ritual has begun…”

With roots in underground experimental, progressive, goth, and metal music culture, and with a mind stained with the memories of all night raves at Burning Man, Kobrin is a bass music enthusiast and is influenced by the urban underground bass music culture of the UK, British Columbia, and California. Combining deep forms of dubstep, grime, trap music, drum and bass, and new and innovative genres of electronic music yet undefined, he creates atmospheric, dark, and dreamy dance journeys designed to awaken the inner fire within us all. Expect deep, expect dark, and expect heavy.


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