Jason Burruss

Jason Burruss creates thematic auditory experiences that are carefully curated to the time, setting, and atmosphere of the venue. Healing bass tones, ethnic grooves, and futuristic vocals and synths are often layered into his palette of live music mixes. Dreams are created. Through these layered and sampled textures of music the vibration of all music and the separations of genre are healed.

While focusing on deep healing bass tones, the instrumental leads of his mixes are of a broad range of carefully chosen spectrums. Bringing the listener in and out of dreamscapes, in and out of ambience and bass, in and out of down and mid tempos. he believes in creating a spectrum of emotional resonance, from inspiring and hopeful tones to deep dark tribal bass rhythms.

After spending his earlier music career playing percussion in various bands and studio settings, he has brought his percussion skills to the live stage at bass music events. Using electronic percussion controllers and effects, he creates live percussive overdubs while mixing his sets. Adding a live element and filling the gaps between rhythms. Keeping the dance floor moving throughout the entirety of the show.


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