Imagika Om

Imagika Om is a sonic alchemist, music producer, and life artist. Her mystical musical tapestries have taken her around the world many times, uniting sounds that span the globe. Her original tracks are filled with earthy primal beats, mystical mantras, and atmospheric layers sparking cosmic remembrances. She is also known for spontaneously activating the dance floor with her DJ style, her potent blend of exotic world-fusion rhythms, and live layers of remixed sound collage configurations. Her ecstatic dance journeys flow in deeply delicious ways and run the full spectrum of tempos and flavors for soul body activations. Some of the ingredients to her unique sound palette include exotic, erotic Tantric Temple Trap, tribal percussion, primal midtempo Heartbeat House, lush Latina Bruja Beats, Ancient Future Fourth World sounds, Organic EDM, deep devotional Dakini Omstep, shaktifed sound healing bliss and kundalini-raising bass.

Imagika started her relationship with music as a dance performer and performance ritual producer in 99, and quickly added remixing and producing music for her dance performances and productions to her repertoire. She has created and collaborated in workshops, sacred dance events, ecstatic dances, and meditational movement journeys at various festivals, temples, and retreats around the world. Imagika devotes her time to connecting with the harmonic frequencies of space time dimensions through the main mediums of music and meditation, dancing, writing, cultivating life-art every day, traveling in tropics whenever possible, and creating new ways to share these multi-dimensional upgrades and multi-media transmissions with the world.


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