Ida Resi Alit

Ida Resi Alit  High Priestess of Bali. For the last 11 years, Ida has served as a prominent leader of the Bangli regency of over 200,000 community members. She has worked closely with other political leaders to help manage the community and conduct large ceremonies for thousands of people at a time. She has also welcomed thousands of visitors from around the world to her Ashram, Gryia Agung Budha Salahin, to receive one of her water purification blessings.After 11 years of profound devotion serving her community, Ida now into a new endeavor. She is the first high priest or priestess to leave Bali and travel to bring her teachings of compassion, the art of connection, the value of community, oneness, and love with the world.

Compassion, Community, Connection

Ida’s mission starts with helping people to compassionately turn inward and recognize the presence of their emotions. She sees an opportunity to aid humanity by helping to facilitate the expression and release of emotions in a healthy and healing manner, spreading the values of community, and helping people develop a connection between all things including their family, neighbors, spirit, and the world.Tri Hita Karana
“Human with one another, human with nature, human with spirit.” These missions together form the “Tri Hita Karana”, a traditional philosophy for life in Bali. Ida desires to carry this message as an ambassador for Balinese culture while giving back to her home community in the process.


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