Eki Shola

Eki Shola’s vibrant career in music and medicine can be described best by the artist herself, “I create music not only for myself, but to generate a space for the listener. Music is healing.” Playing piano since the age of 4, Eki Shola grew up in a musical family. She released her debut album, Final Beginning, in 2016 and the album has been reviewed, charted and aired around the world. The album mixes chilltronica ambient piano and synths, syncopated beats, unexpected effects, and jazz organ riffs, compelling listeners to engage with her music in the here and now.

In the aftermath of driving through flames to escape and losing everything in the devastating 2017 Northern California wildfires, Eki Shola believes that through personally coping with loss with music, she can share her musical creations to help others – “we’re all connected and this is my way of giving back.” Her own story was recently featured in a PBS TV special.


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