Cheyenne Skye Band

Cheyenne Skye’s dynamic sound is inspired by such artists as Patsy Cline, Nina Simone and Janis Joplin. Ranging from soulful love ballads to energetic stomp-alongs, Skye’s music is a delicious blend of humor, romance, funk and feel-good grooves. As a full band, percussionist Brian Coe adds a rhythmic backdrop to complement Skye’s intricate harmonies while Geoff Levy (Spoonful, No Simple Highway) delivers virtuosic bass lines that invariably make booties shake. To put the sonic cherry on top, Arwin Hojjati’s electric guitar tastefully fills in the gaps to round out the band’s unique sound. Keep an eye out for Cheyenne Skye Band’s latest single, “Comet,” and the group’s forthcoming full-length album in 2020.


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