B.R. Lively

Rooted in folk with influences of outlaw country and southern R&B, B.R. Lively hypnotizes listeners with a sound that is effortless. Along with a comparable songwriting style to that of Sammy Walker and Dan Hicks, Lively brings to the stage a confident and comfortable presence, rhythmically percussive guitar chops, and a voice that fills every inch of the space with powerful control and seasoned grit. He has been on the road the past three years touring the country dedicated to fine-tuning his craft as a solo performer and artist. Ranging from coffee shops to theatres and small festivals, he has been tirelessly developing his nuanced position along this path he is laying down. Though actively writing and performing music for over a decade, his debut solo album, Into the Blue, marks a distinct and conscious shift from Lively’s previous projects. No longer is he simply concerned with playing an instrument, Lively is learning to become one. After a profound spiritual experience left him feeling open, buoyant, as though his insides had been cleared of long-standing debris, Lively gave away his possessions, moved out of his house in Austin, and adopted Joanie, a 1990 Winnebago, as his new home. He wanted to simplify and create for himself the space necessary for such self-discovery. Lively lives on the road sharing what is his most pure, heartfelt creation to date. He attempts, through his music and lifestyle, to connect not with our surface selves, but with our often silenced and forgotten souls.