Alchemists of Funk

The name “Alchemists of Funk” was coined by our bandmate and mix-master extraordinaire Jess Riegel back in 2012 after an awesome jam at the famed Mountain House on Kinevan Road. We are a local Santa Barbara-based group made up of several session musicians, featuring the likes of: Phil Schwartz, Dan Perea, Joe Moffit, Matt Dirlam, Jess Riegel and Jeff Levy. We bring musical diversity to our sets, doing everything from bit-comedy to rap battles to sensual funk ballads. We have been deeply involved with the Dusty Barrel since the first Lucidity in 2012, and haven’t missed a beat since. This year, we have a few tricks up our sleeves. Everything from modern classics to some psychedelic space-funk improv. Our overall goal this year is to spread that Ol’ Mountain House love that is the pure essence of the Dusty Barrel and everything she stands for!


Festival Locations: