Humble Cookware

Marc makes coil-built clay cookpots (aka cookware) from micaceous clay. Using only hand tools, time, and patience, he digs and creates the clay himself. Unlike traditional clay cookpots, his pots are unglazed and obtain their unique markings from a pit firing. Over 20 years ago, Marc was first introduced to clay cookware by Felipe Ortega, while traveling in New Mexico. He worked with and alongside Felipe Ortega over those 20 years and became like family. During that time, Marc taught micaceous pottery and cooking to students in New Mexico, Mazatlán, and Switzerland. He’s also held a workshop at the Omega Institute. Marc now lives in southern California and builds his wares in his home studio space. Everything he makes is utilitarian and he believes in function over form. He not only builds the cookware but also cooks and utilizes the wares daily for himself and his family.