Eternal Mode

Meet Bernadett Sass of Eternal Mode, the visionary artisan clothing designer whose creative prowess has redefined men’s festival fashion around the world. Born in a quaint village in Hungary, Bernadett’s’s journey began with a passion for alternative aesthetics and a commitment to sustainability. Her philosophy revolves around crafting striking designs while championing organic fabrics, eco-friendly dyes, and vegan materials.

Drawing inspiration from her roots, Bernadett actively supports local artisan sewers, particularly in her Hungarian hometown and another place close to her heart, Nepal. These collaborations not only breathe life into her artistic vision but also empower communities close to her heart. Her designs tell a story of cultural fusion and a commitment to ethical fashion.

Bernadett’s creations have become a well known icon in the US and around the globe, influencing the landscape of men’s festival fashion. Her avant-garde designs resonate with those seeking unique, bold alternatives, making a powerful statement at festivals and in high end fashion lover’s wardrobes around the world. Beyond clothing, Bernadett has cultivated a movement that champions sustainable practices, celebrating individuality while honoring the craftsmanship of local communities. Through her art, Bernadett Sass has not only adorned bodies but has woven a tapestry of conscious creativity that leaves an indelible mark on the world of fashion.