Dream Steam Spa

The Dream Steam is a communal steam therapy that is the most impactful with cultivating transformational spaces at festivals while only taking 10 gallons of water to make steam for 100 people. Built within a 18 ft polycarbonate and aluminum structure on a flatbed trailer. There are 3 tiers of seating to choose from so everyone can find their heat level. There are also 2 rinsing stations on either side of the full-length saloon door airlock. This allows people to do personal care practices outside of the communal steam environment where it is also a median temperature. The translucent walls are partially passive solar during the day and add multiple dimensions of captivating light diffraction effects at night which can be lit internally or externally.
The spa also comes with a clear urethane LED waterbed that can function as a hygienic cold plunge and also be heated when desired. The surrounding area includes felt top padded flooring for both comfort and safety as well as benches, tables, cubbies for personal effects, and lots and lots of butt towels to maintain communal hygiene all within a walled stretch fabric perimeter and peak frame tents. To accommodate altered abled people getting to and from the spa area, the Dream Steam has its own shuttle to make sure everyone has an opportunity to indulge in this self care service.