Cookie Pax

Cookie Pax was started by a young festival enthusiast and fashion designer, Cookie. She desires to enhance festival crew and attendees’ experience with a piece of her creations. Cookie began sewing clothing and designing leather goods that were to carry all items for her lifestyle working at events. Her passion for sewing along with flow art has led her to create items unique to the festival community. Music festivals inspired Cookie to create functional fashion apparel and accessories. This influenced a lot of her designs, because one should be able to move and dance freely without being hindered by lack of pockets. These products are made to be able to traverse the realms of festival and urban life. Apparel for dancing, exploring movement and to be taken on daily adventures. Our favorite aspects of the music festival scene is how everyone practices radical self expression. Dressing up for oneself to express their uniqueness is the ultimate fashion statement. Cookie hopes to bring the festival world to the default world with these unique garments, practical for both the dancefloor and the daily grind.