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Leave no Stone Unturned at Lucidity

January 31, 2023 | Danielle Wood

Two men just finishing setting up a "Be Here Now" sign.
Photo by Brie’Anna Breeze

One of the greatest things about Lucidity is the wide array of activities at your disposal. There’s something for everyone, whether you are looking for a spiritual awakening at a workshop or to dance all night under the stars— Lucidity has it all!

So in a place with so many great options and activities, how do you explore it all? Unfortunately, you can’t. However, making sure you see a bit of everything will help ensure you have the richest experience possible and reap all the benefits and good vibes that Lucidity has to offer.

Prior to the festival, make sure you spend some time on the website scouting out the different performances, activities, vendors, and experiences that will be there. I always like to start with the music.

Who are the must-sees for you and your group? Make sure you have at least one ‘must-see’ at each stage, because each of the three main stages have slightly different musical sounds that they cater to. Whereas the main stage is host to epic jam/electronic bands with unique instruments, the Nook will keep the party going into the late night with dirty bass beats. At a minimum, make sure you catch a show at each.

Twilight hour shot of The Nook stage while the sun shines through the trees in the backdrop.
Photo by: Foster Snell | @FosterTheExplorer

But don’t stop there! Discovery awaits you!

Adventure is found everywhere at Lucidity, especially after hours, when the party continues at individual camps. Throughout the festival, make an effort to explore the camp sites, and you’ll find that many groups contribute to the festival with their own host of activities, including late night renegade stages. Make sure to explore it all, and you’ll be sure to meet some new friends along the way.

Next, the workshops. Lucidity has something for everyone, including things you may not have known you needed. Drum circles, crystal workshops, tantric breathing exercises, sustainable cooking tutorials… take your pick! One thing you’ll notice about the schedule of events at Lucidity is you will probably come across things you have never heard of and didn’t know existed.

I encourage you to choose at least one workshop throughout the weekend that sparks curiosity or interests you, and go see what it’s all about. At worst, you will have learned something new, and at the best, you’ll have found a new passion and discovery.

Small, intimate space with people laying down to a sound bath in a covered tent.
Photo by James Lester
Sign me up for THIS please.

One of my favorite parts of festivals like Lucidity is that everything is awaiting your discovery…

Getting to browse through the strip of vendors in the heart of the festival and see eclectic, handmade creations by the very talented creators. My friends and I have a ball perusing through silk shawls and one-of-a-kind fur jumpsuits, looking for those pieces that speak to our soul and we just have to have.

We always try to buy at least one thing from the shops at every festival we go to. Whether you are a seasoned festival veteran or a newbie, you won’t regret carving out a bit of time to appreciate handmade art and discover things that you just can’t find anywhere else.

That goes for the food as well! Experiencing the delicious festival fare at Lucidity is something you won’t regret. Plan for at least one meal during the festival where you will purchase food from a vendor. One way to ensure you check out what the vendors have to offer, is to make an event of it! My friends and I like to pick an afternoon to rise, get ready for the day, go get some lunch from a vendor we’ve been eying, then eat while we cruise through the shops.

However, I will say, there’s nothing more fun than a nighttime shopping adventure, once the evening has begun and things start looking a little more loopy and colorful than usual! ;D

People bunched in under a very colorful art installation at night.
Photo by Jacob Avanzato

Lastly, there is so much additional randomness to be found at Lucidity.

Having no plan can be the best way to find yourself everywhere. Make sure you dedicate at least an afternoon to just ‘checking it all out’ with your squad. You might find yourself at a trading post, a craft table, or a giant seesaw. Or if you are like me and my crew, you might discover the wackiest game of blackjack you’ve ever played— as well as a newfound festival obsession.

Lucidity is a place for discovery and variety. Bring your most adventurous self, and be amazed by the adventures you find yourself on!

Weave your own path of adventure at Lucidity Festival.