TransPortals: 11:11 Heart Star Portal, 1:44 Turquoise Portal

The 11:11 Heart Star Portal Outline is a climbable geometric structure based on the Golden Ratio, intended as a key to shift the Earth into the next dimension. It accommodates groups of people to be able to move and interact in 3 dimensional space.

The 1:44 Turquoise Portal is a 17 foot Stellated Dodecahedron with and interior space that accommodates groups of people to interact with each other. It is vibrating with the Quasar Wave Transducer to activate the experience and make it an ideal space to do sound healing work with vocal toning, Tibetan and Crystal bowls, didgeridoos, etc. The intention is to align participants energy body to the evolution of the Earth’s energy body for an evolution of consciousness. It is colored 4 shades of Turquoise from green to blue to activate the Higher Heart Chakra.


Festival Locations: