The sTeVe Freak Show on The Mighty Zenith

From its inception at the dawn of The First Lucidity, the sTeVe Show, sans TeeVee, has been a creative mainstay in the performance art world. It truly came into its own in the third year of the first trilogy with the introduction of the Mighty Zenith, a mobile performance venue that quickly became an iconic symbol of eclectic artistic expression.

The sTeVe Show’s unique appeal lies in its harmonious blend of planned ‘shows’ and spontaneous performances. This format has turned the Mighty Zenith into a stage where musicians and performance artists often discover an unexpected platform for their talents. Notably, the show gained further acclaim at Burning Man, attracting performers who initially saw the Mighty Zenith on the Playa, leading to their debut in more intimate festival settings.

One of the show’s most memorable moments highlights its serendipitous nature. A then-unknown artist from the band “TV Broken Third Eye Open” stumbled upon sTeVe and the Mighty Zenith, enchanted by its design as a giant TeeVee set with an eye on the back. This chance encounter encapsulated the spirit of the sTeVe Show – a place where art, spontaneity, and the unexpected converge, creating memorable, history-making moments. Over the years, numerous artists have graced its stage, with some becoming regulars, each adding to the show’s rich, diverse legacy.