The sTeVe Freak Show on The Mighty Zenith

Since the Dawn of The First Lucidity… sTeVe was there… in the mud and the rain.. but there was NO TeeVee…Fast forward to the third year of the first trilogy when the Mighty Zenith made its first appearance as a mobile performance venue. The sTeVe Show has always striven to present a balance of planed ‘shows’ with room for the unscheduled. Musicians and various performance artists have walked up at random discovering their stage for the first time, other participants have seen the Mighty Zenith on the Playa at Burning Man and were only able to participate for the first time in a more intimate festival. Many of those who come on the set have made brief appearances almost every year The Mighty Zenith has been at Lucidity. One random and at that time unknown performer stumbled into sTeVe himself on the Mighty Z that first year and saw that it was in the guise of a giant TeeVee set and sTeVe said yes “and we have a giant eye on the back!” “That’s amazing I’m from a band called TV Broken Third Eye Open!”. The rest is history as they say

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