The Riley Rainbow Family Open Air Circus

The Riley Rainbow Family Open Air Circus Camp is a traditional old-world Zircus, led by a second-generation full-time traveling circus family, who have been working under the big top their entire lives. With 10 years of circus experience and over 300 stage performances, their talented family brings epic thrills, exciting chills, and circus frills to Lucidity Festival 2024 Episode 11: Aurora’s Light.

At the Circus Camp, experience a family zone filled with aerialists, Spanish Web, Lollipop, Jugglers, Acrobats, and musicians. Join them in an open-air circus atmosphere, where they showcase their skills, dexterity, and creativity to inspire and entertain people of all ages. The Riley Rainbow family has collaborated with over 100 festivals and events and has returned to Lucidity Festival with a small-scale circus ring to create an unforgettable experience. Prepare to be amazed by this enchanting performance and become part of the circus legacy!