The Metamorphosis Portal V2

Multi-disciplinary Artist Inventor Alex Andre was born in Paris France in 1972 and moved to Venice California in 1997 to work with a panel of artist in the Venice community on sculptural works for city & corporate infrastructures.

In the last decade he has worked as a graphic designer as well as custom furniture and light designer for the likes of interior designers such as Kelly Wearsler and Michael S. Smith.

Alex is known for his transformative kinetic sculptures and installations which lead him to recent exhibitions at The Exploratorium Museums, the Academy of Science in San Francisco, and various Art & Tech based events such as Google Art Walk in Venice CA, TEDx (Marin County), Codame in San Francisco and the Kinetic Show LA.

Alex takes his inspiration from nature and the experience of nature (from Entheogens like Psilocybin, Ayahuasca, LSD and DMT)

From his deep inner journeys, Ale

x is able to translate and materialize his personal life-changing theophanies into sculptural and luminous works

His recent installations challenge our perception of reality and self and questions our relation to modern society.


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