Serendipity Dispenser

The Serendipity Dispenser provides three components to encourage Gift Giving Experiences: The Experience, the Person to gift, and the Time Window in which to do it.

Pull the lever to see which of 30 Gifting Experience you get to participate in. You’ll also receive a token inscribed with a whimsical description of a person: “A silly rabbit”, “One who’s not like the others”, etc. You can use your imagination to interpret it.

The Gifting Experiences inspire connection and delight: “Ask someone for their autograph and tell them why you’re their biggest fan.”, “Invite someone to share a moment of unbridled enthusiasm.”, “Tell someone they won the sweetstakes and give them a treat.” The token is a gift to keep.

The Serendipity Dispenser transforms the festival into a Gift Giving scavenger hunt, exposing participants to the transformative Principle of Gifting!

Festival Locations: