Serendipity Dispenser

The Serendipity Dispenser (SD) provides three components to encourage Gift Giving: The Experience, the Person to gift, and the Time Window in which to give. A lever on the SD spins a drum with 40 Gifting experiences. At the same time a small wooden token is dispensed, striking a bell inside a wooden bowl. An optional manual spinner provides the time window to gift. The token is inscribed with a description of a person commonly found at Lucidity: “A silly rabbit”, “One who’s not like the others”, etc.

The Gifting Experiences inspire connection and delight: “Ask someone for their autograph and tell them why you’re their biggest fan.”, “Invite someone to share a moment of unbridled enthusiasm.”, “Tell someone they won the sweetstakes and give them a treat.” The token is a gift to the participant who spins the drum.

The Serendipity Dispenser transforms Lucidity into a Gift Giving scavenger hunt, exposing participants to the transformative Principle of Gifting!