Quan Yin Tea House

Quan Yin Tea House is inspired by the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Quan Yin. Our intention is to create a calm and healing oasis amid the often busy, loud and therefore distracting festival experience. The intention is to create a space that nourishes conscious community. We will strive to create a container with the environment, the tea and the facilitators for all who enter to be emboldened to be their most authentic selves.

The primary tool for this catalysis is the Gong Fu Cha. The phrase, means Tea made with great skill. It is considered by the originators to be the best way to make tea. They are pleased for members of other cultures to share it, if it is done with good intention and skill. When Gong Fu Cha is performed with presence it is no only an embodiment practice, but also encourages others participating to join the pourer in the present.

There will be musical offerings from time to time in the form of sound healing and songs devoted to the now. All will be acoustic.

We will be very grateful, if invited, to bring the healing energy of the tea space to help co-create this this high-vibration, inspiring, affirming, growth supporting and beloved festival, Lucidity.

Thank you

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