Night and Day

“Night and Day” is a 16′ x 8′ mural that incorporates a three dimensional 4′ LED mandala and other dimensional elements. During the day the elements will be seen for what they are, a high contrast white image of a girls face which is mirrored around a laser cut mandala layered on a colorful psychedelic background . The installation will take on a different presence as night falls and black light reactive elements will be exposed and the LED lights illuminate.

The phrase Night and Day can mean both, a stark difference or something being continuous. The natural occurrence of Night and Day will change the appearance of the Installation as the elements of the installation are continuous.

Lucas Rodriguez is a contemporary printmaker, painter, muralist, street artist and designer residing in northern California. He enjoys traveling the world while sharing his art and is a strong advocate of public art and art education. These passions have encouraged him to create murals and street art across the globe, as well as participate and contribute art to numerous festivals and events, including and mainly deriving from burning man, through displaying art, live painting and stage building/designing.

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