Just Magics & Hammocks Lounge

Just Magic & Hammocks Lounge is the perfect place to rest and recharge during a long day in the festival sun. The free-standing hammock structures combine to create a cool and shady social hang out zone.

The intimate size of the each hammock lounge makes it easy for participants to meet and enjoy fellow loungers company.

At night, solar lighting creates a relaxed environment for people to watch the night’s happenings unfold around them.

The hammock lounge is a place for exploration and play. An installation poised to elevate the music. A beacon that draws attendees from one end of the festival to the other. This immersive environment art installation is a sanctuary for attendees to be inspired, dance, create, indulge and have a good ol’ time.

The primary function of the art structure is to offer shade protection from an intense sun, all the while creating a visually appealing art installation, within which specific user programs can be integrated. A modular wood framed structure creates the framework for hosting a variety of interactive features. Each modular structure will have its own element for the participants to interact with. Add a little Just Magic to this years Lucidity.

Festival Locations: