Intention Nest Tree

Nature DREAMWEAVER (@naturedreamweaver) has been traveling the country and world for 15 years building Sacred space art installations in the form of altars, Mandalas, and human sized earth temple NESTs. Designed with a permaculture mindfulness and made from found earth, branches, flowers, rocks, crystals, thrifty, and upcycled materials . Made with love and used for ceremony, ritual, meditation, weddings, grounding, connecting and more. Nature’s work has most notably been featured at Lucidity (1,3,6,9, 10,) beloved (all 12 years) , lightning in a bottle (11 years), wanderlust (5 years), and countless other festivals, weddings, retreats, and special events. He’s built permanent nests in over a dozen different states. He also loves performing Psychedelic comedy under the banner of Sillymony. If you would like to experience his healing art under Angel Nathaniel, come see him for a session in I am Healing! You can watch his comedy special at


Festival Locations: