Holland Hallow

Rebecca Holland, a long established California painter. Rebecca’s hillside studio on Lobitos Creek Ranch South of Half Moon Bay overlooks the San Mateo coast. Here, she lives in the landscape of her paintings. Rebecca’s landscapes project the magic of light and color from the California coast to the high mountain ranges. She celebrates the beauty of the redwood forests, mountains, farm lands, and seascapes that make California an artist’s dream.

Rebecca has shown in large galleries on Fisherman’s Wharf, Lahaina, Las Vegas and elsewhere. Original oils hang both in prestigious and private collections. Rebecca “Becky” Holland is possibly best known for the cover of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon”, for the Crazy Horse Logo and for other rock art done over the years. Neil Young has also collected a number of original oils. Rebecca also has film credits for her work on environmental award-winning documentary films produced at Lobitos Creek Ranch in Half Moon Bay, California.

She now sells in smaller venues closer to home where she appreciates getting to know the people who choose her art for their homes. She exhibits annually at the Kings Mountain Art Fair in Woodside and the Pescadero Art and Fun Festival benefit shows; current galleries are the Coastal Arts League in Half Moon Bay and Made in Pescadero in Pescadero, California.

“I am called a self-taught artist, but nature has always been my teacher. I paint what I see and feel and my paintings come from my adventures.”

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