Frick Frack Blackjack

Frick Frack Blackjack is an interactive performance and trading game based around a game of blackjack, except in this game you play with anything in the world that is not money. Step right up and test your luck against our dealers, but you better come prepared with weird and interesting items. In this game you not only have to be lucky but also have to be convincing on why your item is equal to that of the house and since all value is relative this argument and debate makes up the heart of the game. Never gamble with things that you love, but everything else is just stuff and can be broken down into numerous lines of value outside of money. If both participants are unattached in sentiment to these items then a very heated, but also very non-emotional, argument and debate can commence which can be hilarious to watch and participate in. In this way the game presents an open and fun way to argue and barter without consequences (except maybe losing a hand of cards).

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