Camp Stop Wont Stop

Camp Stop Won’t Stop has been the go-to crew of festival goblins since 2017, always up for fun and games, often until the sun comes up. They’ve been gathering cool goblins at Lucidity and other festivals, year after year. The camp’s always on point with its unique vibe and never cuts corners on the cool decor or the essentials. This year, they’re all in on throwing open their camp arms to kick off a themed camp. They’re setting up a chill lounge and dance spot right in the middle of their camp with a big shade setup and places to sit or crash for everyone coming by. They’re also putting together a ‘wishing well’ at the camp entrance. You can jot down a wish on a wooden tile, chuck it into the well, and they’ll use those wishes to make some art for a future fest—hopefully, Lucidity! Plus, five of the gang have been writing up their Lucidity adventures for years. They’re super stoked about the chance to run an official themed camp and share that experience. Camp Stop Won’t Stop is about to add an extra dose of fun and inspiration to the already amazing Lucidity festival!