Alchemy Art of Healing Sanctuary

Alchemy Art of Healing is a specialized team of licensed Naturopathic Doctors and Acupuncturists who strive to integrate western and traditional eastern healing modalities. Founded by Dr. Amanda Rodriguez, ND and Dr. Candance Leenheer, ND, they are here to provide a healing sanctuary to the lucidity community that will be accessible to all.

Healing is an art form stemming back from ancient times. Alchemy Art of Healing provides individualized mind-body and spirit approach to discover the root cause of your ailments and create the pathfinder to unlock your fullest potential.

Alchemy’s healing offerings consist of naturopathic medicine, botanical formulation, homeopathy, flower essences, acupuncture, I.V nutrition, vitamin shots, cranio-sacral therapy, body-work and emotional release techniques that will provide long lasting effects that will follow you home after a powerful transformative weekend. All services are donation based and no one will be turned away.

Through their work these doctors empower individuals to become advocates in their healing journey, by teaching self assessment and providing individualized services that will allow for deeper healing while at this transformative festival.

Through Alchemy’s unique offerings, they have developed a new model of health that will unleash the deepest levels of healing at such a novel time in history. Come chat with the experts in natural health. Whether your life needs a simple therapeutic touch, herbal remedy, energy boost or TLC, Alchemy’s doctors and healing sanctuary has you covered.

Festival Locations: