Absynthium Apothecary

Absynthium Apothecary curates a safe, magical space at various community events such as festivals, parties, renegades, and various music events and gatherings. In these spaces, hand-blended herbal and pu-erh teas, kombucha, elixirs, and other curated herbal products are served to guests at no charge. Absynthium Apothecary always wants herbal remedies to be accessible to the public and do not wish to charge event goers.

Furthermore, harm reduction is always practiced in the space as we recognize the need for resources in how to party safely. Absynthium Apothecary members are trained in harm reduction tactics and typically are in communication with the harm reduction team at events to ensure safety of the guests.

The space offers an entire zone of witchy, earthy, comforting environment embellished with art, herbs, pretty lights, books, and lots of comfortable rugs, pillows, and blankets to lounge about and sip tea and engage in conversation.