Sasha Anastasia of Stardust Illumination Center

Sasha incarnated on this planet in human form with a dharma to illuminate the Divine Light that shines within us all. She is a stellium Scorpio with 6 planets in the 8th house who has deep ancestral roots in healing practices and Spirituality from North Eastern Asia. Her energetic healing abilities, psychic dreams and sharp intuition were passed down to her like family heritage. As such she is intensely passionate and knowledgeable about physical and metaphysical wellness.

She is a licensed esthetician, massage therapist, HHP (holistic health practitioner) & herbalist, as well as a 500 hour certified yoga teacher with 15+ years of experience who specializes in soulful vinyasa flow, restorative yoga + sound healing. She shines at guiding others to tap into their relaxation response to achieve maximum physical, neurological, energetic and emotional healing and to quiet their mind enough to access their powers of insight and Universal downloads and she loves to do so while providing the most nurturing and pampering spa services on Earth.
Sasha is the owner of Stardust Illumination Center Spa Collective, a Spiritual Day Spa with 2 locations in Orange County, California and the director of the Stardust spa collective. Stardust combines luxury vegan Self care services like facials, massage, infrared body wraps, body sculpting, hair removal, brow and lash artistry and sunless tanning with Spiritual Self love practices like guided meditation, affirmations, reiki, sound healing, gemstone therapy, color therapy and aromatherapy to create an experience that is out of this world transformative and leaves you feeling radiantly restored from the inside out.

Her and a collective of skilled, intuitive and empathic healers in the Stardust Spa Collective work together to bring Stardust’s unique style of Spiritual spa services off grid to festivals and events throughout California and beyond. At Lucidity, the Great Synthesis Sasha Anastasia and Crystal Dawn Rios will be offering their signature Celestial Body Massage and Eternal Glow Facial.

Visit: to pre-book a service with Stardust at Lucidity festival.


  • Shiatsu/Acupressure
  • Soul/Spirit Energywork
  • Sound Healing

Healing Description

Stardust offers Spiritual Self Care which is a blend of luxury, vegan Self care spa services & Spiritual Self love practices that work together holistically to create an experience that is as healing and illuminating to the skin and body as it is to the Soul.

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