Sarah of Earthside Medicine

Sarah is a multidisciplinary healer, offering bodywork, intuitive reiki, herbal blends, as well as flower & gem essence therapy. She is passionate about delivering ecological and wholesome wellness through the use of herbal body oils, plant spirit medicine, and crystal healing. She welcomes everyone onto her table with open arms and heart, and considers the act of serving our global community to be one of the highest honors. She is a licensed massage therapist with 5+ years of professional service under her belt. With Sarah, you can explore healing the physical body with massage, the energetic body with reiki, and the spiritual body with flower essence therapy conSOULtations, or get the full alchemical experience and try all three.


  • Deep Tissue
  • General Massage and Bodywork
  • Reiki

Healing Description

Bespoke bodywork: using swedish massage, deep tissue, and myofascial care, we will target the areas that most need love and allow your inner radiance to shine.

Reiki: Using universal life force energy to re-orient upsets in our magnetic field / energy body

Flower & Gem essence therapy ConSOULtations: Get a personalized blend of flower and gem energy essences to help support your emotional needs and goals.


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