Morgan Willow

Morgan Willow is a warmhearted massage therapist with a joyful energy. She possessed as a curiosity about life that she brings to the table in her practice. We’re going to aim to support greater body awareness, increase mobility, and decreased pain stress by inviting you into deeper understanding and experience in your own body.

Modalities within her practice include Myofascial Release, Craniosacral, Deep Tissue, and Swedish.

Growing up, Morgan relished the blessing of having a nurse for a mom, often spending hours discussing the inner workings of the body. Constant curiosity about her own body and finding ways to work through stress, injuries, and building general long-term healthy activity into her life led to pursuit of practices such as martial arts, yoga, reiki, and eventually, massage. This anatomical knowledge base, coupled with her growing sense of self and the energy is constructing this world have culminated in a life dedicated to knowledge about healing techniques and ultimately massage therapy.


Healing Description

Combining my Myofascial and Craniosacral focused practice with listening hands helps me see a more complete image of where your tension points and discomfort are rooted. To serve the diverse nature of the body, I also utilize additional modalities ranging Thai, Swedish and Deep Tissue and Trigger Point. Having once been called the Compassionate Smasher, I’ll admit I love to open you up and dust you out!

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