kali delgato

Kali is an intuitive licensed massage therapist with a combined 800  hrs studying here in Ventura at the kali institute of somatic therapies, and while residing in Hawaii she added new modalities  at the kalani community in kalapana Hawaii. She specializes in Thai massage and deep tissue. She has experience in Nero structural body work, sports massage, Asian studies trigger point therapy and craniosacral   Masaage. Kali has been an energy worker since 8 specializing in energy transmutation, and Attuned to Riki 2. Recently she has been working with throat singing gongs and singing bowls. Kali has well over  8 yrs working her own practice Highly professional and passionate about health and wellness. kali blends the most effective techniques for a customized session, tailored to individual needs and preferences.


  • Deep Tissue
  • Reiki
  • Soul/Spirit Energywork

Healing Description

i use my body as an energy Conduit space to allow for whatever energy needs to be brought out of the body or brought into the body. massage wise I specialize in a deep tissue Thai massage and trigger point work.
I aim to create a space of tranquility and healing to allow the body to return to homeostasis.

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