Jonathan Carrick


Visionary,  Healer,  Empathic Intuitive: Jonathan’s wide depth of knowledge in yoga, wellness and transformation, and the healing arts spans well over two decades.  Beginning as an apprentice for a yoga master in the Sivananda/Hatha yoga tradition at the age of 20, Jonathan received his Usui Reiki level 1,2,3, attunements and later went on to learn and practice Reiki on a mastery level.  Drawing inspiration from nature, people, and the sacred, he has backpacked over 6,000 miles in contemplation of Self, and one’s connection to Source only to find himself back at the beginning of the hero’s journey with several simple truths: We are our own greatest healers.  The answers we so ardently seek, lie within.  Our precious presence, is the greatest gift we can give to the world…

Currently, he is a Board Certified Developmental Alphabioticist trained by the Alphabiotics Academy in Dallas, TX helping individuals to reboot their nervous systems, unite their brain hemispheres, and bring the body/mind/spirit back into a state of  alignment.  In this state of growth and repair, the body can heal itself yielding extraordinary results. Jonathan is a certified IAKP practitioner and part of an international community of Kambo Practitioners that strives for excellence in sacred service to community, locally as well as globally.  In his free time, he teaches Kundalini Yoga, breathwork, facilitates workshops and spends time curiously exploring the mountains, rivers, and forests of the majestic northwest with his Beloved partner and fur family.


  • Craniosacral
  • Reiki

Healing Description

We are all Healers. We are all revealers. My mission is to help you identify, articulate, and release stressors, imbalance, distorted perceptions, and outdated programming creating a new template for you to live the LIFE of your wildest Imagination. Since the body is a mirror of the brain, we first look at how stress is affecting integral structure creating imbalance, weakness, and tension over time. Through pattern interrupts such as Kundalini yoga, Kambo, and the Alpha Alignment, my aim is to be your Transformational life-coach and noble ally, every step of the way. As you release, repattern, and revitalize those perceptions/programs/patterns no longer serving you to become the happiest, healthiest, version of you, you may not recognize the new emerging version of yourself. After all, You are Your Own Greatest Healer.

I look forward to being your ALLY of POWER in your personal TRANSFORMATION!

In Radiance, Jonathan

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