Happy Om

Happy Om is a renowned five-star bodyworker wizard and yoga teacher from Grass Valley, California. Loved by massageaholics and master therapists alike, Happy wields a remarkable mix of strength and subtlety, specific thoroughness, and playful grace.

Happy was born and raised in Las Vegas and left a big yoga career to vagabond about through Hawaii, California and Mexico before settling in Grass Valley/Nevada City where he operated Golden Mandala Yoga and Consciousness Center for 5 years.

A truly ecstatic dancer and Contact Improv enthusiast, Happy seeks to help the world live as love more and more through every hug and warm authentic interaction.


  • General Massage and Bodywork
  • Reiki
  • Thai Yoga Massage

Healing Description

Join Happy for a unique Ecstatic Thai Massage experience.

HappyStretch: Tension melting movement therapy and relaxation training is an interactive bodywork session recieved clothed on a floor mat. Combining deep dynamic stretches, triggerpoints, myofascial release, and powertools at times, Happy coaches you into your deepest ability to receive and release. He uses his whole body to work on your whole body, in a variety of surprisingly effective positions. Come find a new you!

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